Jaime Hayon

A rare gem

A tireless worker, absolutely unique and original, Jaime Hayon has managed to maintain his identity and overcome envy and doubts raised in the complex scene of international industrial design in which he has become a place cum laude. For an artist who investigates and has a particular vision about design, the situation was not easy when he moved from Barcelona to London, to begin what would be his international trajectory. Today, firms that want to differentiate work with him to create objects, furniture, spaces and retail spaces that deserve the adjective of unique, optimistic, inimitable and outstanding.

The interiors of hotels, shops or restaurants, a discipline that has always attracted him, has led him to create one of the hotels with the most exclusive and strong personality in Spain and the world.
Hayon says that when he created the Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid, he wanted it to be a special place that could represent a new vision of Spain.

So he decided to create a place rich in cultural and historical references, such as the Roman arches, or the strong chromatic range that Spain inherited from the Arabs. The quality and finishes developed and manufactured by Martínez Otero for the rooms of the Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid are the faithful representation of his project.
A modern and elegant interior design, coupled with impeccable contract execution.
An extraordinary gem.