We turn interior design ideas into integral contract turnkey projects for hotels, retail, corporations and institutions.

Fancy a coffee?

Colored lacquers, metals, curved woods and lighting make Nespresso stores one of the most attractive places to stay in and purchase.

The heart of the company

More than a simple office, Martínez Otero has an in-home technical department to apply value engineering, and optimize costs and production processes.

Bruno Moinard

Bruno Moinard is the master of light. Martínez Otero is manufacturing his outstanding concept for Suárez, the high-end jewelry stores.

Peralada hotel, wine, spa and golf

We are proud to have built and manufactured this hotel in a turnkey basis. Beautifully designed by Tarruella Trenchs Studio.

Know our own Solid Surfaces factory

Martínez Otero, puts the latest technology to the service of the more sophisticated projects by creating an own plant for the transformation of technological materials and solid surfaces TM

Advanced Technical Solutions

Martínez Otero Contract is a company that focuses on the technological advances and innovations in manufacturing and design.

The Man behind the NHOW Rotterdam

Reem Koolhaas talks about culture, of risk and of commitment and we are pleased to share with him the values that also guide our company.

Ensuring Success

Having our own assembly & installation teams ensures that every project is delivered to the agreed levels of quality and within the agreed timeframe.